Choosing An Engagement Ring

How to pick a diamond engagement ring

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring. To select a perfect engagement ring for your loved one, you will have to consider numerous factors. The ring consists of three parts. These parts are the band, the stone, and the setting. The band is the part of the ring which goes around the finger. The band can be made of gold, platinum or even diamond. The setting is the part that holds the stone. The setting can either be pronged out or just invisible. The stone happens to be the most important part of the ring. Most engagement rings are made of diamonds. The size and quality of the stone are however dependent on one’s budget.

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Types of Engagement Rings

Three-stone Engagement Ring

The three-stone engagement ring features a center diamond as well as an additional two smaller diamond stones on each side. This make helps bring out pure craftsmanship, and this translates to a marvelous beauty. When the centerpiece diamond is flanked by the two side-stone diamonds, the brilliance, and appearance of the ring is greatly enhanced. In making such engagement rings, the princess cut or round brilliant diamond cuts are often used. However, almost all the other diamond cuts can be used with perfect results.

Three stone Diamond engagement ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring

This is a fantastic eye-catching ring aimed at expressing charming emotions to the individual to be married. The ring draws a lot of inspiration from Western Culture Engagement Ceremonies. This solitaire ring features a thin band with a small studded diamond. This ring is available in different sizes and shapes and is truly designed for that particular occasion. The sparkle and design have made the ring quite popular in recent times.

Solitaire Engagement Ring
Solitaire Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Ring

The Halo Engagement Ring is made of a center gemstone. This gemstone is further flanked by two smaller micro-paved diamonds. The allure and glitter from the combination of gems and diamond are simply fabulous. Most Halo rings will feature colored gems such as red rubies or blue sapphires. There are vintage-styled as well as traditional-styled Halo rings. These rings will come in different shapes and sizes of the center stone. The center stone can feature around stones, oval diamonds or pear-shaped cuts. The choice is only wide.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Silver Rings

The silver ring is the most popular type of engagement rings. This is particularly among people with limited finances. The ring is a perfect match with the white wedding or engagement dresses. Made of silver, this ring will quickly light the joy and celebration mood of the engagement party.

Eternity Ring

The Eternity engagement ring contains more than a single diamond embedded in the piece circling your finger. These stones are then arranged in various patterns for a truly colorful masterpiece. The models may include channel set, pave set, bezel set as well as bar set. One can also go for other traditional shapes such as rectangular, princess-cut or square shapes. The dazzling look makes the ring a superb choice for engagement occasions as it portrays endless love and romance.

Eternity Ring
Eternity Ring

Classic Engagement Ring

These rings have a more traditional and conventional design and look. The band is often made of gemstone or gold to result in a magnificent ring. The intricate classical designs have made the rings attractive. This is particularly so because they bring back the memories of rings worn by queens and princesses in the old days. The ring will no doubt bring out the joy and celebration of the engagement event. You get to choose the shape and size you want for the engagement.

Pave Engagement Rings

The Pave engagement ring consists of subtle diamonds encrusted around the band. The shiny diamonds become the most outstanding and visible because they are held together by thin beads and throngs. This makes the diamond stones seem to blend to produce an extraordinary sense of beauty. The pave diamond settings can go around the entire ring or go halfway. There are numerous designs and shapes when it comes to the pave engagement rings.

There are numerous types of engagement rings. You will find a large selection at Eternal Diamonds. This makes choosing an engagement ring much easier. The secret lies in getting to explore all the available options concerning stone, the design and the brilliance of each ring. Go for a ring which will truly show your romantic side to your love.